Mickael Miro in your living room !!

Mickael Miro in your living room !!


Human Inside! and Mickael Miro associated to offer you an event that could change your life or your evening by meeting your idol directly in your home! This operation is the first global initiative which all media are already talking about.

Mickael Miro, connected artist immediately reacts to test this operation on his community. Thanks to BPCE Group, which has just launched its new payment service online via Twitter with S-money App.

All you have to do is go on S-money app : smoneyfr to participate in a fundraising that will be generously given by Mickael Miro himself on his birthday on November 8th. These gifts will be donated to the association Le Herisson (@assoherisson) that assist children, adolescents and young adults with disabilities. You just have to pay 5 €.

Once the donation made, a donor will be chosen and will win a private concert of Mickael Miro in his living room.

Mickael Miro “The idea of being able in an only tweet buy a concert ticket is revolutionary ! This new payment via Twitter will permite us to reduce the steps between the desire of consume a concert and the act of purchase it ! Moreover, we will be able to GIVE on Twitter ! Caritatweet is launched ! Give 5 euros to the association Le Hérisson and I might come maybe sing in your living room;-) ! ”

Ludovic Delaherche CEO Human inside! “It’s always exciting to be the first to experience a new operation. For an activation agency, it is very important to work with artists such as Michael who reacts quickly to technological innovations. France knows how to innovate ! ”

You can follow the operation on @mickaelmiro account and also on the agency Human inside!

To participate: Install the application S-money and tweet “@smoneyfr #envoyer 5,00€ @assoherisson #mickaelmirocheztoi ”

Mickael Miro : “Watch this video, and maybe I’ll come sing in your home” Click here

mickael miro in your living room


Mickael Miro chez toi !!

Mickael Miro dans votre salon !! #mickaelmirocheztoi Human Inside! et Mickael Miro s’associent pour vous proposer l’événement qui pourrait bien changer votre soirée voire votre vie en rencontrant votre idole directement à domicile ! Ce dispositif est la première initiative mondiale dont tous les médias du globe parlent déjà. Mickael

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